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Dressing right for Work: Tips on how to Increase Your Power - Why the Blazer?

Working Ladies,

When it comes to controlling our work and our life, there is so much that slips out of our hands in our everyday tasks. We wish we could have control over everything we can, like having a grasps over everything that we are doing -  from our time, to our family, to our everyday chores, to every little responsibilities that we have to tackle on a regular basis. And maybe just maybe if we did have control over it, in the back of our mind, life would be much more perfect right?

But how about for the time being, we control whatever we can, in order to increase our odds of success?

How you dress is, in fact, one thing within your control.  And my recent experience brought to my attention, how you can project power through your dressing style. Coming from a corporate world, my life used to be an absolute mess every single morning - as to what i have to wear today, how can i look both comfortable and chic at the same time. When you are trying to take over the stage, it is very important to have a commanding presence and the precise words to get everyone's attention. 

Today, i want to share with you the one thing that changed my approach to getting dressed tout suite:

Wear a Blazer.

You do not have to wear a suit. (coming from the corporate world of North America; do not wear a suit, you'll be weird) You do not have to wear a dress. Heck, you don't even have to wear dress pants.

But man or woman, if you want to make an impact, you must wear a blazer. 

Wearing a blazer signals power, completeness and intentionality. We as humans are wired to look for authority, and wearing a jacket or blazer will do just that; signal others that you are in charge ( even if you are not) - having an impact, set a standard and reflect a strong personality

After all, it is simple. Why would you not want to play around with your outfit to set that first impression? It increases the perception of your power - something so vital, which until now - you thought was outside your control.

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